Meet the Author

By   September 18, 2013


As the date for our 2013 Conference draws nearer we’re looking forward to meeting our speakers and listening to their lectures. We are fortunate that such leading lights will be with us to deliver cutting edge concerns and thought provoking viewpoints on modern beekeeping today.

With his infectious curiosity for what makes bumblebees tick, and an eye on the bigger picture regarding IPM, neonicotinoids and the agro-chemical industry, we can’t wait to hear what Prof Dave Goulson has got to say on Saturday. It may be no laughing matter.

But if you’ve had the chance to read some of our older posts on the Conference Blog, you’ll know Vintage Press has sponsored our raffle this year, providing the exciting chance to win a signed copy of Dave’s inspirational book ‘A Sting in the Tale’. It was ‘Book of the Week’ on BBC Radio 4, from 6-10 May. Read by actor Tim McInnerny,  it had us all in stitches and provided the perfect news for our very first tentative blog post.

We hope you’re feeling lucky.