Swarm Collection

Do you think you have a swarm of honey bees?

Swarm collectors are only insured to collect swarms of honey bees, not bumble bees, wasps or hornets. If you have something in your garden that looks like this:

or this

then you have a swarm of honey bees and should contact one of our swarm collectors below.

If you are not certain you have honey bees, please follow this link this linkto the BBKA Swarm Information page.

Epping Forest North (Nazeing, Broxbourne, Hoddesdon & Waltham Abbey)  Please contact Ted Gradosielski on 01992 890 986
or email teds.honeybees@gmail.com

Postcode E4 and very local
Please call Mike or Jenny Johns on 0208 5292844 or mobile 07944755658
or email j.c.johns@talktalk.net

Postcode – any areas considered. 
Please contact Robin Harman on 0797 123 7312
or email: robin@eppingforesthoney.com

Postcode- any areas considered.

Mark Chambers  07824 486661

or email Markachambers13@gmail.com

Postcode – any areas considered.
Please contact Eric Beaumont on 0207 2494753 or 07941 776798

Essex / Herts
Please contact Barbara Dalby on 01992 622645
email: pebadalebees@btinternet.com

Please be aware that swarm collectors may charge a reasonable amount for their expenses. Each swarm collector is acting as a private individual.