Rules of Entry

EFBKA Honey Show


  1. Entries must be made on the supplied form which should reach the Show Secretary by midnight on Thursday 10th October.
  2. £2.00 will be charged for any number of entries other than Junior and Gift Classes which are free.
  3. Entries must be delivered to Copped Hall between 10am-1pm on  Saturday 12th October.
  4. All honey and wax exhibits must be the produce of the Exhibitors’ own bees, not necessarily the product of the current year.
  5. Extracted honey must be exhibited in clear one pound jars with undecorated, lacquered, screw-top lids with wads or poured seals or with standard white plastic screw-top lids. Sections and frames are recommended to be displayed in a protective case. Mead must be displayed in wine bottles of round section and approximately 26oz capacity, the glass to be clear and without lettering or ornament of any kind.
  6. British Standard Institute Grading Glasses will be used to determine honey colour.
  7. An Exhibitor may make more than one entry in a Class but shall not be entitled to more than one award of points in any Class.
  8. Points will be awarded on the following basis in all Classes: 1st=4, 2nd=3, 3rd=2, VHC=1, Best in Show=8 (Except in Classes 14 where they will be 1st=8, 2nd=6, 3rd=4, VHC=2).
  9. Trophies will be given for certain classes.
  10. Beginners exhibiting in Class 5 must have kept bees for not more than three years and must not have previously won a honey prize in the show.
  11. Juniors exhibiting in Class 6 must be under the age of 16 and the entry must have been prepared by themselves.
  12. Exhibitors in Classes 20 and 21 must have been taken by the exhibitor.  Entries are judged in beekeeping interest rather than photographic excellence.
  13. Every care will be taken of the exhibits but the Division accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage and entries are accepted only on this condition.
  14. The Judge may withhold any award of points or prizes if in his/her opinion the exhibits are of insufficient merit.
  15. The Judge’s decision is Final.
  16. Each person’s entry must be on a separate Entry Form.